Friday, August 8, 2014

Classroom Reveal!

I haven't posted in a while, but for good reason... I've been extremely busy getting ready for open house. You never really know how much work time and effort an elementary teacher puts into her room until you're the teacher! No one told me that decorating a classroom was so costly or that it took more than a month's work. Let me tell you, I'm past exhausted and I still have a few more things to add to my room like a carpet and rocking chair.  Feel free to copy anything you see... unless you're my co-worker.... then don't we don't need to be twins. (-;

So here's my classroom reveal!

I have a student work board outside of my classroom. I glued a push pin to a clothespin then glued an owl cut out onto it.
When you first walk on the hall one of the first things you see is my welcome flag. 

This is just a close up on my door.

Quick Snaps:

Here you see a portion of my class library, my guided reading/teacher table, my student reading area, the bathroom door and storage closet.

Here you mostly just see student tables.  Also pictured is my math corner, miscellaneous board, student spot light, and calendar bulletin board.

This is my writing center, the buckets to the right are my center buckets, my word wall, student work board, and computers.

Left to right: my guided reading & take home book storage. Storage shelves covered with curtains. Underneath the curtains is where the students will hang their backpacks and jackets. My classroom library organized by book title. 

I hung paper lanterns from the ceiling and turned the plain lanterns into birds using cardstock, sturdy construction paper, and a hot glue gun.

The rug was from wal-mart, but I bought it my first year of college. The owl chair is from the Dollar General... fairly inexpensive and really cute. Now for the razzle dazzle... my tree! I used butcher paper for the trunk and stuffed it with news paper. The top portion is tissue paper twisted and glued to a butcher paper foundation. 

I purchased the owl poster from oriental trading. Each week I'll highlight one student in my classroom so that we can learn more about them. I'm a kinder teacher, so I'm asking the parent to help the students fill out the information. I think it'll be a great way to make each student feel special.

Obviously this is my miscellaneous board. I have my rules posted which I purchased from teacherspayteachers. The blue pocket chart is actually for "I Can" statements that correlate with the Common Core State Standards that I will teach with each day. Daily objectives are pretty self explanatory. I will also keep up with my center rotation on this board. Each pocket has a number that correlates with a center on the owl belly. Lastly, when we do get a lunch menu I'll hang it in the space under menu.

I decided to put my shape owls in the space behind the sink in my class. I have a tutorial for these in a past post. The owl figurine you see is actually a piggy bank that I'll be using for collecting box tops.

I'll probably do another post in the future when everything is completely finished, but for now this is what I have. Hope you enjoyed this post. (:

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  1. Jessica I absolutely LOVE your Classroom! You did such a Fabulous job on everything! I would love to be a Kindergartner in your class :0) And the Owl theme is so cute!